Offer your association members benefits without the need to access a payroll system.

PIOPAC makes it easy for you with our 30 years of experience as a licensed, bonded, and insured TPA. PIOPAC can work with your preferred technology platforms and carriers. Our leadership can also tap into over 200 collective years of insurance experience to provide guidance to the technology, carriers, and enrollment solutions that work best for you and your clients.

Enjoy the ease of helping your membership with PIOPAC.

  • PIOPAC’s payment solutions enable associations to offer benefits without the traditional “billing burden”
  • No need for the association to reconcile an invoice, hold funds, or remit premiums
  • No need for a Payroll Deduction Slot
  • No set up fees for the association
  • No subsidies from the association
  • PIOPAC can collect dues and remit directly to the association


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