Public Sector

PIOPAC offers unique solutions tailored for the public sector often eliminating the need for payroll deduction and the RFP process.

Leverage the PIOPAC Advantage™

  • No payroll deduction slot is required
  • Never receive, reconcile, or pay invoices
  • No employer set-up fees or subsidies required

Coverage Continuity

In the event of lack of funds from a primary payment method, including payroll systems, PIOPAC can continue premium payment via the secondary payment method from a checking account or card. If both payment methods fail, PIOPAC initiates emails, text messages, and outbound phone calls to assist continuing premium payments.

Client-Centric Billing Solutions

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Circumvents any payroll involvement by drafting directly from participant’s checking account, credit card, debit card, or payday card.

Direct Deposit Pay (DDP) – Pushed by employers on pay cycle from each employee’s net pay.

Employer Deduction Drafting (EDD) – Draft aggregated deducted premiums from employer account and pay various carriers accordingly.

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