COBRA Administration

If you want to simplify your COBRA Administration and Eligibility, Billing and Reconciliation for your Health and Welfare Plans, partner with PIOPAC Fidelity to ensure compliance and eliminate hassles.

Gain peace of mind and streamline your administrative requirements with the following solutions:

Eligibility Administration: PIOPAC Fidelity assists with the enrollment, termination, and/or changes of health plans for your employees through the carrier online portals.

Consolidated Billing: PIOPAC Fidelity makes it easier to pay multiple carriers through this service.

Group Administered Health Plans – PIOPAC Fidelity administers COBRA enrollments as well as collect payments from qualified beneficiaries. Communications are sent to the qualified beneficiaries to notify them of important dates and deadlines.

Carrier Administered Health Plans – PIOPAC Fidelity assists with the initial COBRA enrollment and collection of the initial COBRA premium. Once enrolled in COBRA the administration switches to the appropriate carriers and communication, payments, etc. should be sent to those carriers.