COVID-19 Update

“PIOPAC continues to monitor COVID-19 around the clock and we have compassion for those who may be affected as well as an abundance of caution to limit the spread of the virus. We are also taking measures to ensure business continuity remains unimpacted during this time.

We have taken precautions to ensure employees safety and by operating with an alternating minimum staff for on-site required tasks and ensuring social distancing with everybody’s health in mind. We implemented work-from-home strategies for our off-site employees.

While PIOPAC has not experienced any significant business impacts, interruption, or degradation to customer services due to COVID-19, our cross-functional team has taken steps to mitigate potential disruptions to our operations. At this time, none of our customer service or technology functions are affected, and we do not anticipate any impact to our operation.

We are committed to helping you keep your much needed insurance coverages at this time when you need them most and we’ll continue to manage your premiums effectively. Please see this video and thank you for choosing PIOPAC.”