Aflac associates should submit each PIOPAC case (New account or Existing account transitioning to PIOPAC) to and provide the following information for each account so it can be reviewed.

  1. Account Name
  2. Account Number (if established)
  3. Total Number of Eligible Employees
  4. Tax ID Number
  5. SIC Record Number (if available)
  6. State Location (If Multi-location please list all states involved)
  7. Products Being Offered
  8. Detail Reason for the use of PIOPAC
  9. Enrollment Conditions
  10.  Is this a shared case with Aflac Group? If so, please provide all Aflac Group account details

Upon receipt of the above information, if additional account details are needed the Exception team will advise.  Also, please note that submission of the above account details does not guarantee an approval will be provided.


Aflac Individual

Aflac Group (CAIC)