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“BENNY™” Debit Cards


Catch a cold?  Swipe the card.

You’ll save 25% to 40% when you use the “BENNY™” Debit Card to pay for everyday items with the money in your flex account.

Swipe, Save, and Go.

The “BENNY™” Debit Visa card is accepted only at doctor, dental, and vision offices as well as  select merchants to pay qualified expenses.  Your spouse or dependents can also get a card to pay for qualified expenses.  When you use the card, you won’t have to reach into your pocket to pay qualified expenses, and then file a claim and wait to get reimbursed for your plan account. 

Here’s a sample of what you can purchase with your take care® DEBIT card:

• Debit Card Benny Visa Application

• Over the counter medicines (Restricted 1/1/11)

• Co-pays at the doctor and pharmacy

• Contact Lenses

• Prescription sunglasses

• LASIK eye surgery

• Dental sealants

• Braces for teeth

• Smoking cessation programs

• Prescribed weight loss programs

Eligible & Ineligible Expenses

The convenient “BENNY™” Debit Card is another great reason to participate in your Flexible Spending Plan or to add to your benefits menu.


A more convenient way to pay qualified plan expenses, and many times no receipts are required. It’s the “BENNY™” Debit Card. With it, participants won’t have to pay qualified expenses out of their personal funds and then wait for reimbursement.


An added benefit for the convenience of plan participants.
The “BENNY™” Debit Card is a proven way to increase participation rates in your Flex/Cafeteria Plan and save substantially on reduced FICA taxes.



Click here for the current list of qualified health care expenses.




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